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Snjezana Fine Art Creations

Unique mixed media art on brushed metal nature tree

Creating custom art that is as unique as you are. 
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In the end... I want to leave this world a little better than when I entered it!



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Snjezana's Fine Art Creations are for those truly searching for a unique piece of art. The subjects are photographed by the artist, digitally edited, printed on metal, wood, canvas, acrylic and other media, usually in black and white, and then given a colorful hand overlay with the artists own exclusive techniques. Due to this process each piece is one-of-a-kind.  Her works have a 3-Dimensional appearance which changes depending on the light. Custom works include many different subject images (anything can be photographed) from nature, animals, family portraits, buildings and cities, intimate images, and other pictures that speak to and move the heart. Each work is signed, dated, & named by the artist.  Have a look at our gallery, set-up a personalized consultation, and/or contact us with any questions.


Unique Art for a Unique You!

Born in a war-torn communist country, Snjezana experienced first-hand what it was like to live without many things.  She remembers many nights studying by candlelight because they had no electricity.   When she was eight her grandparents helped her escape and brought her to America.  The plane landed into a world of freedom and marvelous new things. For the first time Snjezana experienced water from a faucet and lights everywhere!  She was in her own fairy tale and it was the beginning of a new life and journey.

Snjezana's Fine Art Creations are inspired by her own trials and adventures in life, as well as her passionate love of nature, people, and animals.  Her life story has helped to shape and foster her imagination and develop different perspectives and appreciation for how intricate life is and how we are all connected.

Snjezana hopes her creations move others to see the world in a different lens, be grateful for the good in life, and help them in healing their spirit by inspiring happiness and peace through her works.


About the Artist

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Photos to art...[before]

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Photos to art [before]


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Always with faith, love, happiness, and laughter

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