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Dates: November 2021
City of Lakewood Ohio

Lakewood's First Public Art Walk

Public Art has the ability to provide aesthetic beauty, to educate and inspire, to stimulate commerce and increase real estate values, to build better citizens and provide for cultural interpretation, to increase tourism and provide other benefits. 
In addition, public art: enhances our experience of a place and our quality of life; engenders a sense of pride and community identity; reaches audiences outside of museums, galleries and theaters; adds beauty to everyday life; declares the worth of a place and a time in our shared cultures. 

Lakewoods art walk.JPG

Dates: 2021
Dollar Bank 


Dates: October of 2020
San Diego Women's Chorus
San Diego, California 92163
Auction to support the choir

san diego wc.jpg

Dates: 2017; 2018
VA Western Colorado Health Care System
Silent auctions in support of Veterans

Dates: 2017
Brecksville Fire Department
Brecksville, Ohio

brecksville FD.JPG
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